Dr. Essie McKoy Best Selling Books

The Heart of School Transformation: My Journey into Transforming Urban Schools

"The Heart of School Transformation," is about the journey into the experience of Dr. Essie McKoy's path in the field of education. She gives effective strategies in how she has transformed schools to become Signature Schools. Dr. McKoy shares about her humble upbringing and how this led to her life's calling of serving students who may not have tangible hope and spoken dreams. In addition, this masterful book is designed to provide school leaders, educators, and district office personnel with tools and techniques to better equip them in preparing to turnaround challenging schools. Even those in higher education can use these research-based strategies to incorporate into their education programs to better prepare those entering the field of education. It is a book that will inspire and motivate not only educators and school leaders, but students, parents, local, state, and national leaders, and anyone willing to assist in the process of school transformation!

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Coaching Champions: How to understand the players before giving the plays: A guide to improvement and success

(Contributing Author)

According to Dr. Tasheka Green, “There is a champion inside you that will cause you to accomplish any desirable goal so as to what you believe then you will achieve and what you cultivate prepares you to elevate.” This is just one of the insightful thoughts that Green shares in her newest book from To Everything There Is a Season Publishing entitled Coaching Champions (2019). Green’s newest addition to her last highly successful publication I Am Still Here, Living a Purposeful Life (2016) offers readers everyday techniques and strategies to transform individuals and organizations to reach their fullest potential.


The CHAMPION Coaching Model you’re about to read have proven results from an all-star lineup of six well-established and proven scholarly leaders in the field of education. The authors bring the book to life with their real-world experiences and practical wisdom. Each chapter uncovers the secrets of leadership through key tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you reflect on and elevate your leadership game. As you reflect on each chapter you will dig deeper into a self-reflective journey on the process of leadership, practices to improve your leadership style, maintaining a narrow focus for yourself and others, developing others to improve, and being mindful of the long game; endurance. Finally, each chapter provides reflective questions, protocols, inventories, checklists, and other tools that makes this an easy choice for your next book study with your colleagues.


If you follow the practical advice and insights set forth from the authors of Coaching Champions you will simply be a better person, employee, coach, mentor, teammate, and leader. Whether you are looking to transform yourself or those in your organization that you lead, Coaching Champions is a must read as you reflect on your next steps for improvement and success.

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The Gyrlfriend Code Sorority Edition

For many women, sororities represent the pinnacle of gyrlfriend relationships.

For others, they represent a mysterious connection that can only be understood by those who are members. In this edition of The Gyrlfriend Code™ Anthology Series, members of sororities deliver heart-felt accounts of how joining a sorority has impacted their relationships with their gyrlfriends-those that existed prior to joining and those developed as a result of joining.The Gyrlfriend Code™ Sorority Edition delivers powerful stories of sisterhood, commitment, and unity. Although written by members of different organizations: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., these stories contain recurring themes of unbreakable bonds that transcend letters or colors. The authors affectionately display their love of their chosen organizations and an appreciation for the connections they’ve cultivated as a result of membership. Regardless of the length of membership, if they joined as an undergraduate or alumna; whether first-generation or legacy, each author expresses how sorority membership has changed her life for the better. Readers will find encouragement within the narratives of this edition. For those hoping to one day join a sorority, you will get a glimpse into the dynamics of being a sorority gyrlfriend. For those who are already members, you will reflect on the role you currently play as a sorority gyrlfriend. All will find hope, love, inspiration, and most importantly, sisterhood. Join Visionary Author Ashley Little, along with Co-Authors Dr. Marquita S. Blades, Jay Anise, Sharon Phillips Jarrett, Dr. Elondra D. Napper, Nicole R. Ingram-Diaz, Dr. Sharon H. Porter, Tiffani Wills, D. Chanel Johnson,

Dr. Essie McKoy, Dr. Melissa Noland Chester, Tywauna Wilson, Danielle N. Wallace, Dr. Torre Brown, and Cynthia L. Coaxum as they share 15 unique voices, perspectives, and codes to help transform the way we see ourselves, connect support, and uplift our gyrlfriends!

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Women of Virtue Walking in Excellence: Inspirational Stories of Character, Wisdom, Courage and Strength

(Contributing Author)

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies (Proverbs 31:10, KJV)”. Being a virtuous woman is not about being perfect, rather, it is about living a life full of purpose, daily demonstrating character, wisdom, courage, and strength. Women of Virtue Walking in Excellence ~ Inspirational Stories of Character, Wisdom, Courage, and Strength is a compilation of 20 diverse stories of women who passionately narrated how they demonstrate character, courage, wisdom, and strength as they walk in the ways of a virtuous woman. For we are not perfect, but we were created by a perfect God, and seek to live a purposeful life with power, grace, and value. As you reflect on how you walk in the ways of a virtuous woman, consider the following...Are you a woman who knows her worth and value? Are you a woman who settles for nothing less than the promises for her life? Are you passionate about how your life influences others? Are you on a journey to become the best version of you? This book is for you. The stories will encourage your soul, nurture your dreams, transform your life, and inspire you to be all whom God created you to be. Contributing Authors: Dr. Essie McKoy, Charlene Harrod-Owuamana, Cynthia Green, Dr. Sharon H. Porter, Falecia McMillian, Tonoah Hampton, Dr. Mary J. Huntley, Michelle Boulden Hammond, LaKita Stewart-Thompson, Tameka Chapman, Dr. Theresa A. Moseley, Trivia Payne, Kimberly Ann Hobbs, Jennifer Bryant, Muriel Grooms, Briana C. CaBell, Obioma Martin, Charlene Day, Tela C. Jones, Gina S. Duncan

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Vision and Purpose: Inspiring Our Community

(Contributing Author)

Dr. Sharon H. Porter (Dr. Sharon) and Karen McConnell-Jones are visionaries who believe, to have a vision it truly inspires purpose. Vision & Purpose (V&P) Magazine will be a resource guide for their readers and for the community as a whole. They understand the importance of keeping print alive. As two African American women, it is important to both of them to address the concerns of the community as well as to educate and highlight the beauty of our culture. They will use their entrepreneurial spirit to enlighten, enrich, and empower their readers.Dr. Sharon and Karen have no doubt that V&P Magazine will be one of the most sought after magazines, locally, nationally, and globally. This book collaboration introduces you to Team V&P!

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Leadership Tidbits: Powerful Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know in Order to Win

(Contributing Author)

INDUSTRY TRAILBLAZERS SHARE PROFOUND LEADERSHIP TACTICS THAT WILL HELP YOU ELEVATE YOUR CAREER AND ENHANCE YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. "Leadership Tidbits" is a best-selling book in both the Business Management and Business Leadership categories.

"Leadership Tidbits" is for the person ready to act! It is for the person who is ready to implement strategies that will accelerate their leadership potential. It is for the person who has a desire to be in advanced leadership roles in their industry but need help figuring out what is needed to be successful. It is for the person who needs tips that they can apply today and start to get the results they deserve. After reading this book, it will be easier for the reader to strive for higher levels of authority, increase areas of focus for personal growth, and communicate with confidence after applying the recommended techniques. How this collective work will help today's leaders?

•Receive mentorship from industry trailblazers sharing successful tactics that work

•Discover how to form a winning leadership brand

•Learn to ask the right questions to get the results you desire

•Implementable tips for creating your seat at the table of success

•Set realistic goals that allow you to live on purpose

•Communication techniques that allow you to connect with your team

•Excel the ladders of leadership while maintaining your sense of self

•Be the authority in the community, the workplace, and your school


Co-Authored By Dr. Melissa A. Brunson, Natalie Ocean Canty, Lisa Coker, Dr. Crystal Cooper, Maya Dorsey, Dr. Christine C. Handy, Dr. Essie Mckoy, Jaresha Moore, Tashawna Thomas Otabil, Dr. Sharon H. Porter, Alandes Powell, and Dr. Arthur Williams.

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Women Who Lead : Featuring School Principals Kindle Edition

(Contributing Author)

Women Who Lead Featuring School Principals explore the leadership journeys of 12 women principals from across the United States. The principals represent all levels of schooling, primary, elementary, middle/jr.high, and high school. They share their journeys from California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland,
Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

This collaboration project serves as a guide for aspiring and novice school principals of all levels. The principal experience included in this anthology range is from one year to over ten years. Several authors served in a variety of roles in public education prior to serving as principal. One author went from teacher to the principal-ship, not serving as an assistant principal, a common position that leads to the principal-ship. There is not just one pathway...There are many.

Contributing Authors: Dr. Shirley P. Auguste, Shelley Anderson, D. JaMese M. Black, Kirsten Clark, Tiawana Giles, Natasha McDonald, Lydia Ryan, Dr. Amy Miller, Amena Moiz, Charlene Saenz-Quarles, and Danielle Wallace


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